Veljo Tormis: Visions Beyond Estonia

Duration: 67:13


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  • Tormis, Veljo (b.1930)

Bulgarian Triptych (1978)
1I Summer4:17FIABA0700169
2II Wheel2:06FIABA0700170
3III Voice of the Earth3:54FIABA0700171
  • Tormis, Veljo (b. 1930)

4North Russian Bylina (1976)10:39FIABA0700172
  • Tormis, Veljo (b. 1930)

Three Moldovan-Hungarian Folk Songs (1983)
5I Be sad, my sweetheart1:58FIABA0700173
6II Who is the one who truly loved his darling1:20FIABA0700174
7III On Thursday evening0:48FIABA0700175
  • Tormis, Veljo (b. 1930)

8Three stars2:48FIABA0700176
Three Livonian Folk Songs
9I The Herdboy’s Day1:13FIABA0700177
II Shrovetide1:50FIABA0700178
11III We Winkie Mouse (Lullaby)2:48FIABA0700179
Pictures from Vormsi’s Past (1983)
12I The Complaint of a Farm Hand1:16FIABA0700180
II Outside the Storage Door2:37FIABA0700181
14III Wedding Dance1:30FIABA0700182
15Vepsian Winter (1984)4:43FIABA0700183
Eagle Flew from the North-East (1982)3:29FIABA0700184
17Peoples’ Friendship Rhapsody (1982)15:47FIABA0700185
18Väinämöinen’s Words of Wisdom (1984)3:14FIABA0700186