The Seventh Sense-Works for Guitar

Duration: 60:20


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  • Pärt, Arvo (b. 1935)

1Fratres for guitar, string orchestra and percussion (1977/2002)9:36FIABA500160
  • Vasks, Peteris (b. 1946)

Vientulibas Sonate Die Sonate der Einsamkeit (The Sonata of Loneliness) (1990)
4Con dolore6:34FIABA500163
5Alborada per chitarra sola (1989)10:47FIABA500164
6A Young Sprout Ballades for Koto No.2 (1973)4:33FIABA500165
  • Takemitsu, Toru (1930-1996)

In the Woods Three pieces for guitar (1995)
7I Wainscot Pond - after a painting by Cornelia Foss3:15FIABA500166
8II Rosedale3:54FIABA500167
9III Muir Woods5:53FIABA500168
10HIKA in memoriam Toru Takemitsu (1996)6:41FIABA500169