Veljo Tormis: Vision of Estonia III

Duration: 72:14


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  • Tormis, Veljo (b.1930)

1The Singer (1974)5:06FIABA0400032
2Songs of the Ancient Sea (1979)9:06FIABA0400033
3Plague Memory (1973)6:43FIABA0400034
4Bridge of Song (1981)4:16FIABA0400035
5Going to War ( 1973)2:36FIABA0400036
  • Tormis, Veljo (b. 1930)

Dialectical Aphorisms (1979)
6I Dialogue0:48FIABA0400037
7II Coat0:18FIABA0400038
8III Bitch0:46FIABA0400039
9IV Lonely Grove0:51FIABA0400040
10V Axe and Forest0:50FIABA0400041
11VI Idyll0:43FIABA0400042
12VII A Man Is Not Taller Than His Hat0:17FIABA0400043
13VIII Dialogue0:59FIABA0400044
  • Tormis, Veljo (b. 1930)

14Song about a Level Land (1964)3:18FIABA0400045
  • Tormis, Veljo (b. 1930)

15We Are Given (1984)2:57FIABA0400046
16An Aboriginal Song (1981)2:16FIABA0400047
17The Estonians’ Political Parties Game (1990)3:14FIABA0400048
Song about Keeping Together (1964)3:36FIABA0400049
Martinmas Songs (1967)
19I Martinmas Beggars Behind the Door1:33FIABA0400050
20II Greeting0:15FIABA0400051
21III Words of Blessing0:40FIABA0400052
22IV Dance1:38FIABA0400053
23V Casting a Spell0:29FIABA0400054
24VI Begging for Gifts0:51FIABA0400055
25VII Thanking0:30FIABA0400056
26VIII Wishes1:33FIABA0400057
27IX Ending0:36FIABA0400058
28Christmas Is Coming (1996)2:35FIABA0400059
Shrovetide Songs (1967)
I Vistel-Vastel1:21FIABA0400060
II Spell Upon Flax1:59FIABA0400061
31III Sledding Song1:52FIABA0400062