Ester Mägi: Tree of Song

Duration: 61:51


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  • Mägi, Ester (1922-2021)

1A Wish (1995)2:11FIABA0400171
2The Fatherland (1996)2:40FIABA0400172
3How would You live? (1978)2:51FIABA0400173
4The Broken Oar (1988)4:53FIABA0400174
5A Night Song (1968)2:13FIABA0400175
6A Moment (1979)2:33FIABA0400176
7Church Bell (1988)6:25FIABA0400177
8Christmas Night (1988)4:09FIABA0400178
9He came (2000)2:48FIABA0400179
10To the Bards (2002)2:46FIABA0400180
11Pietá (1990)3:53FIABA0400181
12Song from Lapland (1971)2:48FIABA0400182
13A Vagabond Boy (1980)2:51FIABA0400183
14To a Child (1995)3:38FIABA0400184
15Äiu-püiu (1974)2:21FIABA0400185
16From a Maple onto a White Cloud (1984)3:02FIABA0400186
17Room of the Wind (1981)9:06FIABA0400187