Of the Earth

EMO Ensemble

Duration: 60:36



Emo Ensemble is a chamber choir, which consists of young music students and professional singers. The choir was founded at Espoo Music Institute, Finland in the autumn 2000 by its conductor, Pasi Hyokki. Three years later, it won the prize for best performance of a contemporary work at the Harald Andersen international chamber choir competition for ‘Two Songs to Poems of Ann Jaderlund’ composed by Esa-Pekka Salonen. Since then, the EMO Ensemble has concentrated on modern music and offering composers the services of a top-quality vocal instrument. In 2005, the choir released its first CD featuring works by leading Finnish composers like Esa-Pekka Salonen and Lotta Wennakoski. It received great reviews and was nominated for Choir CD of the Year by the Finnish Choirmasters Association. EMO Ensemble aims to be experimental, varied and innovative.

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  • Matvejeff, Ville (b.1986)

1Enkeli (Angel)4:31FIABA0500026
  • Kähärä, Anna-Mari (1963)

2Who is sleeping in thy cradle4:00FIABA0500027
  • Länsiö, Tapani (b.1953)

3The Erl-king6:30FIABA0500028
  • Kilpiö, Lauri (b.1974)

  • Wennäkoski, Lotta (b.1970)

Before the Water
5I lift from the water2:16FIABA0500030
6The world to which I came3:02FIABA0500031
7I remember where the sun set3:29FIABA0500032
8What supports us in this world1:15FIABA0500033
9Before the water2:08FIABA0500034
10The Seafarers5:05FIABA0500035
  • Salonen, Esa-Pekka (b.1958)

Two Songs to Poems of Ann Jäderlund
11Kiss my mouth4:48FIABA0500036
12Deep in the room6:47FIABA0500037
  • Rissanen, Säde (b.1965)

13Jabberwocky (Pekoraali)5:35FIABA0500038
  • Linkola, Jukka (b.1955)