NCD 13 – Bob Chilcott: The Making of the Drum

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  • Chilcott, Bob (b.1955)

The Making of the Drum (lyrics Edward Kamau Brathwaite)
1The Skin1:58FIABA9900153
2The Barrell of the Drum3:28FIABA9900154
3The Two Curved Sticks of the Drummer2:20FIABA9900155
4Gourds and Rattles1:49FIABA9900156
5The Gong-Gong3:30FIABA9900157
6Steal away3:29FIABA9900158
7Were you there?2:42FIABA9900159
The Modern Man I Sing (lyrics Walt Whitman)
8The Runner2:21FIABA9900160
9The Last Invocation2:26FIABA9900161
10One's-Self I Sing2:00FIABA9900162
Evening Music
11Love (lyrics Alfred Lord Tennyson)2:40FIABA9900163
12Even such in time (lyrics Sir Walter Raleigh)2:10FIABA9900164
Fragments from his dish
13Grace - The Clean Platter (lyrics Robert Herrick/Ogden Nash)3:53FIABA9900165
14The Pie (Newcastle chronicle January 6, 1770)2:37FIABA9900166
15Harvest in my Croft (from Piers Plowman, William Langland)2:01FIABA9900167
16Christmas Day 1666 (lyrics Samuel Pepys)4:02FIABA9900168
17Whines from the Wood (lyrics G.K. Chesterton)1:51FIABA9900169
18Grace - The Clean Platter (lyrics Robert Herrick/Ogden Nash)1:35FIABA9900170
19And So It Goes4:14FIABA9900171