Tapiola Originals

Duration: 73:13


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  • Sisask, Urmas (b.1960)

1Words of Creation Op. 51 (for mixed choir a cappella)15:02FIABA400360
  • Kaipainen, Jouni (1956-2015)

Des Flusses Stimme (The Voice of the River) Ein Requiem für Chor a cappella, Op. 54
2I Ditt försvinnande (Your disappearance)4:00FIABA400361
3II Jedes ein Mal (Everything once)5:12FIABA400362
4III Alltid (For all time)3:09FIABA400363
5IV Des Flusses Stimme (The voice of the river)11:17FIABA400364
  • Saariaho, Kaija (b.1952)

Tag des Jahrs (The Seasons) 2001 (for mixed choir and electronics)
6I Der Frühling (Spring)3:47FIABA400365
7II Der Sommer (Summer)3:26FIABA400366
8III Der Herbst (Autumn)1:33FIABA400367
9IV Der Winter (Winter)4:56FIABA400368
  • Tüür, Erkki-Sven (b.1959)