Pekka Kostiainen: 1000 x 1000

Duration: 67:43


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  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b.1944)

11000 x 1000 years (1991)13:18
2To Finland’s mothers (1998)4:00
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

There was... 8 nonsense songs (2000)
3There was a young lady, whose nose1:01
4There was an old man with a fl ute1:53
5There was an old lady of France2:00
6There was an old man of Cape Horn1:25
7There was a young lady, whose chin1:40
8There was an old person of Cromer0:51
9There was an old maid of Stroud1:11
10There was an old man in a tree0:56
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

The salmon got away (2005)
11The roach1:46
12An eel is no adder1:42
13The perch1:40
14The salmon1:04
15The flounder waltz1:27
16The freshest fi sh1:30
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

17Glory be to God (2005)1:14
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

18Teach us to create (2005)2:30
Why should I not sing? (2006)
19There they all sit in total silence2:05
20Why should I not sing?1:54
21If I should sing1:47
22I still have a song to sing2:06
Adagia (2004)
23Dulce est2:04
24Nihil est perpetuum1:55
25Ut ameris2:51
26Ut fl atus venti0:43
27Acta est fabula1:43
28The country cat’s secret fishy wish (2003)1:08
29Lullaby (1988)2:25
Väinämöinen’s legacy (2006)3:11