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O Theotokos, Mother of Life

Tampereen ortodoksisen kirkon kuoro

Kokonaiskesto: 71:35


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  • Ruottinen, Timo (b. 1947)

1Troparion: O Theotokos2:28FIABA9500070
2Praise the Lord, O my soul (Ps 104)3:FIABA9500071
Lord, I call upon Thee (Ps 141) with stichera (tone 1)6:32FIABA9500072
  • Ruottinen, Timo (b. 1947)

4The Evening Hymn: O Jesus Christ, Thou gentle Light2:39FIABA9500073
5Apostichon of the feast: Come, O ye people, and let us sing today unto Christ our God a song of David (tone 4)1:36FIABA9500074
  • Chesnokov, Pavel (1877-1944)

7Praise ye the name of the Lord (Ps 135, 136)1:55FIABA9500076
8Troparia of the Resurrection: Blessed art Thou, O Lord1:50FIABA9500077
12The Canoni, 6th irmos0:
The Canon, 7th irmos1:
The Canon, 8th irmos1:44
  • Ruottinen, Timo (b. 1947)

9Sticheron after the Gospel: When the Translation of thy most pure Tabernacle was being prepared (tone 6)1:18FIABA9500078
  • Lvov, Aleksei (1798-1870)

  • Ruottinen, Timo (b. 1947)

9th irmos: Let every mortal born on earth3:15FIABA9500084
16Stichera of the Lauds: At thy glorious Dormition the heavens rejoice and the armies of angels exult (tone 4, tone 6)2:34FIABA9500085
17He who lives in the shelter of the Most High (Ps 91)5:56FIABA9500086
  • Bashmakov, Leonid (b. 1927)

To thee, O Theotokos, victorious leader of triumphant hosts4:34FIABA9500087
19The Beatitudes2:30FIABA9500088
  • Mokretsov, V. A.

20Litany of Fervent Intercession3:FIABA9500089