Midnight Christmas

Duration: 59:23


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  • Trad.

1The earth is beautiful3:21FIABA0700400
  • Piae Cantiones -laulukokoelma (-1582)

  • Kurki-Suonio, Sanna (b.1966)

2Hail to Thee, most blessed5:54FIABA0700401
  • Kaski, Heino

3The snowy cottages sleep3:48FIABA0700402
  • Ojanperä, Päivi

4A prayer for Christmas night4:07FIABA0700403
  • Maasalo, Armas (1885-1960)

5The Christmas bells2:14FIABA0700404
  • Puurtinen, Aija

  • Ojanperä, Päivi

7On Christmas Night5:10FIABA0700406
8God whispers Christmas3:34FIABA0700407
  • Makaroff, Mia (b.1970)

Songs from Th e Song of Mary
9Mary, most lowly of maidens2:12FIABA0700408
10The sauna seeker4:38FIABA0700409
11Breathe, my good horse3:36FIABA0700410
12For God was born3:32FIABA0700411
13Jesus rocked in a cradle3:03FIABA0700412
15Silent night, holy night3:26FIABA0700414
  • Madetoja, Leevi (1887-1947)

14Cast care aside2:16FIABA0700413
  • Gruber, Franz (1787-1863)