Metsän poika – On The Fields Of Tapiola Hakola-Kuula Eteläpohjalaisia kansanlauluja & Kivi-laulut

Duration: 62:39



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  • Kuula, Toivo (1883-1918)

Twelve South Ostrobothnian Folk Songs Op. 17b (1908-09/2012)
1So Long Will I Tramp1:34FIABA1500310
2I Shouldn’t Say The Word2:07FIABA1500311
3Cry From The Bottom Of Your Grave1:10FIABA1500312
4O Those Thousand Hours1:06FIABA1500313
5My Father’s House Is Humble1:24FIABA1500314
6The Boys They Roam1:45FIABA1500315
7I Spy The Little Red House1:23FIABA1500316
8Hautalan Heikki Must Spend All Summer2:06FIABA1500317
9The Wind It Swayed2:17FIABA1500318
10Ketolan Jukka2:11FIABA1500319
11Come Fetch Your Ring1:24FIABA1500320
12Some Think I Must Be Enjoying Life1:51FIABA1500321
  • Kuula, Toivo (1883-1918)

13Prelude Op. 16b/1 (1909/1930?)2:19FIABA1500322
  • Kuula, Toivo (1883-1918)

14Intermezzo Op. 16b/2 (1909/1930?)2:58FIABA1500323
  • Hakola, Kimmo (b. 1958)

Kivi Songs (2007, arr. for strings 2011) Seven songs to texts by Aleksis Kivi
151 The Hunter’s Song3:52FIABA1500324
162 The Happy Ones3:20FIABA1500325
173 Sunday4:24FIABA1500326
184 The Squirrel2:35FIABA1500327
195 The Dream2:34FIABA1500328
206 I Had A Sweetheart Fair3:11FIABA1500329
21The Song Of My Heart2:37FIABA1500330
  • Kuula, Toivo (1883-1918)

22The Song Of The Sea Op. 11/2 (1909/2003)8:40FIABA1500331
  • Kuula, Toivo (1883-1918)

Wedding March Op. 3b/2 (1908/2011)