Jukka Linkola – Jukka Itkonen: The Astoria

Duration: 74:44


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  • Linkola, Jukka (b.1955)

1The acacia grove3:52FIABA700001
2But in between is night4:08FIABA700002
3The violins sing like in the olden days4:07FIABA700003
4Never take a bath without your soap2:10FIABA700004
5The answer is the question1:16FIABA700005
6One is just a digit, two a number4:40FIABA700006
7I’ll let the horse out in the meadow to gallop4:52FIABA700007
8The bone playsticks3:11FIABA700008
9The world, trophy of the strong4:06FIABA700009
10Max and Moritz5:49FIABA700010
11The wolf has tasted the moon5:31FIABA700011
12Writing home5:28FIABA700012
13The turtle song1:09FIABA700013
14Beneath your eyes3:51FIABA700014
15Don’t say no, don’t say yes4:00FIABA700015
16The death’s-head hawk moth2:43FIABA700016
17The heart is like a door5:10FIABA700017
18Far away in the distant forest5:52FIABA700018
19Homeland of the homeless2:41FIABA700019