Joie fine-Pure joy-Medieval Pious Trouvère Songs


Duration: 66:25


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  • Anon.

1On doit la mere Dieu honorer (One must honour the Mother of God)4:01FIABA600036
2Chanter voel par grant amour (I wish to sing out of great love)4:58FIABA600037
  • d’Airaines, Aubertin

3Remambrance que m’est ou cuer entreie (The memory in my heart)5:38FIABA600038
  • de Champagne, Thibaut

4Mauvez arbres ne puet fl orir (A bad tree cannot flower)3:26FIABA600039
  • Anon.

5Li debonnaires Dieus m’a mis en sa prison (The Good Lord cast me in his prison)3:03FIABA600040
6Amis, amis, trop me laissiez en estrange païs (Friend, friend, too long you have left me in a strange land)7:07FIABA600041
7Douce Dame Virge Marie (Gentle Lady, Virgin Mary)3:37FIABA600042
8Li solaus qui en moy luist est mes deduis (The sun that shines in me is my joy, and God is my guide)3:42FIABA600043
  • de Champagne, Thibaut

9Deus est ensi conme li pellicans (God is like a pelican)2:19FIABA600044
  • Anon.

10Por ce que verité die (To tell the truth)3:24FIABA600045
11L’autrier m’iere rendormiz (One day when I had fallen asleep)5:45FIABA600046
  • de Cambrai, Jacques

12Retrowange novelle (A new song)4:05FIABA600047
  • de la Halle, Adam

13Glorieuse Vierge Marie (Glorious Virgin Mary)4:12FIABA600048
  • de Béthune, Guillaume

14On me reprent d’amours qui me maistrie (I am rebuked for the love)6:44FIABA600049
  • Anon.

15Eyns ne soy ke pleynte fu (Before, I knew not to complain)2:50FIABA600050