De Angelis

    Duration: 61:6



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    • von Bingen, Hildegard (1098-1179)

    1O NOBILISSIMA VIRIDITAS (Oh most noble greenness)3:48FIABA900186
    • Mesomedes of Crete (c.130)

    2CHIONOBLEPHAROU PATER AOUS (Bright eyed Dawn’s father)3:FIABA900187
    • Syrian chant (4th century)

    3YAWNU TLITU (Little dove)1:7FIABA900188
    • Mozarabic chant (6–7th century)

    4SI ASCENDERO IN CAELUM (If I ascend to heaven)1:53FIABA900189
    • Obadiah ha Ger (12th century)

    5MI AL HAR HOREB (Who other than Moses stood on Mt Horeb)1:19FIABA900190
    • Sephardic Jewish from Spain (12th century)

    6YONATI (O my dove)1:39FIABA900191
    • Ambrosian chant (6th century)

    7A SUMMO CAELO (From the utmost heaven)3:5FIABA900192
    • von Bingen, Hildegard (1098-1179)

    8SPRITUS SANCTUS VIVIFICANS VITA (Holy Spirit, bestowing life unto life)2:24FIABA900193
    9O VOS ANGELI (Oh, Angels)9:58FIABA900194
    10O GLORIOSISSIMI LUX VIVENS ANGELI (Oh living light, the most glorious angels)5:57FIABA900195
    • van Eyck, Jacob (c.1590-1657)

    11ENGELS NACHTEGAELTJE (English nightingale)6:10FIABA900196
    • von der Vogelweide, Walther (c.1170-1230)

    14UNTER DER LINDEN (Under the linden trees)2:36FIABA900199
    • Piae Cantiones (1582)

    15SUM IN ALIENA PROVINCIA (I am on an alien ground)2:55FIABA900200
    16VARPUISEN VEISU (Sparrow’s hymn)3:35FIABA900201
    KALMAH-HEITÄNDÄ VIRSI (Hymn upon a beloved’s burial)2: