Boy or Girl?

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  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b.1944)

Mari's Story
1Greeting at the cross-roads1:32FIABA0300001
2Boy or girl?5:00FIABA0300002
3Mari's berries1:57FIABA0300003
4Mari spoiled by the soldiers1:12FIABA0300004
5What was it that me created?0:41FIABA0300005
6Mourning for her birth1:30FIABA0300006
7Greeting at the cross-roads1:43FIABA0300007
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

Sulhasen tulolaulut I
81. The groom's entourage sets off for the bridal manor3:07FIABA0300008
92. The groom's entourage arrives at the closed gate of the bridal manor0:47FIABA0300009
103. The groom will not alight until he has been greeted1:29FIABA0300010
114. The groom's entourage salutes the bride's home and asks after the bride0:59FIABA0300011
125. As the groom removes his gear, a choir of maidens salutes him and his entourage1:36FIABA0300012
136. The choir of maidens continues, asking how and by what way the groom's entourage found the bridal manor1:33FIABA0300013
147. The groom's entourage replies that they came along the Lord's highway, following the smell of beer from the bridal manor3:40FIABA0300014
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

The Bridegroom's Arrival Songs II
158. The women in the groom's entourage tell the spokesman to purchase the groom the seat of honour at the table2:00FIABA0300015
169. The women sing a song of thanksgiving as the groom sits down at table1:11FIABA0300016
1710. The choir of maidens wonders at what took the groom so long2:29FIABA0300017
1811. The groom's spokesman, defending the groom, says the groom has visited his father's grave that morning4:33FIABA0300018
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

Satirical Suite
191. The Leader0:49FIABA0300019
202. The Service0:42FIABA0300020
213. The Wise0:24FIABA0300021
224. The Office1:14FIABA0300022
235. The Moral0:27FIABA0300023
246. The Collaboboration0:24FIABA0300024
257. The Tree of Knowledge0:43FIABA0300025
268. The Compasion0:26FIABA0300026
279. The Roundelay2:02FIABA0300027
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

The Tracing of Frost
28Pakko, boy of wicked lineage1:18FIABA0300028
29Would have frozen Ahti also1:52FIABA0300029
30You have more than you can do2:16FIABA0300030
31Go and do some magic freezing1:50FIABA0300031
32And now I shall trace your lineage2:24FIABA0300032
33Then you rode along the fences1:13FIABA0300033
34Now that you have grown so big0:37FIABA0300034
35To the way-back fields of Northland1:10FIABA0300035
36In among the demon's coals1:44FIABA0300036
37I'll take your mouth to summer's land1:00FIABA0300037
38Let us make a firm agreement2:05FIABA0300038