Blue Magic

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  • Kuusisto, Ilkka (b. 1933)

From the songlands
1Softly sang the cold unto me4:32FIABA700380
2Words do not grow less by saying3:13FIABA700381
  • Nurminen, Erkki

The bear’s songs
3Origin of the bear2:18FIABA700382
4Song of awakening0:54FIABA700383
5Song of transporting0:53FIABA700384
6Songs of arrival at the house2:42FIABA700385
7Prayer of thanks1:50FIABA700386
8Starting the meal1:53FIABA700387
9Song of the skull-tree2:44FIABA700388
  • Kostiainen, Pekka (b. 1944)

Waiting for the bride
10We came to see the moon3:FIABA700389
11It is not Mari, it is not Piri1:41FIABA700390
12Placating them with words1:37FIABA700391
13Your mother fed you1:54FIABA700392