ABCD 530 – Ratsut

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Release concert at G-Livelabin Helsingissä Tuesday 2.4.2024 19:00.



The follow-up to Laura Hynninen’s award-winning Otilia album Ratsut album has been released.
Yleisradio chose Hynninen’s previous Otilia album as Album of the Year 2021 and it was also nominated for Emma in 2022 in the Classic Album of the Year series.
Sounds at the end of the album Otilia continues directly at the beginning of Ratsut, thus tying these two separate entities together.
Laura Hynninen combines her music and visual works with her original style and creates moods from her instrument that have not been heard before. In the songs on the album, Laura uses live electronics, and the songs on the album can be played in live performances in the same style as on the album. Hynnien’s solo concerts have been heard, e.g. At Kauniainen Music Festival, Riihimäki Summer Concerts, Kokonainen Festival, Hiljaisuus Festival, and Helsinki Harp Festival.
Harpist, composer, and visual artist Laura Hynninen has performed as a soloist and chamber musician since the 1990s. She completed her A degree in harp playing at the Sibelius Academy in 1999. Before her career as a freelance artist, Hynninen held permanent positions as a harpist at the Finnish National Opera and the Radio Symphony Orchestra. She has been heard by several Finnish orchestras – e.g. As a soloist of Avanti!, Tapiola Sinfonietta, Oulu Sinfonia, Vaasa City Orchestra, and Radio Symphony Orchestra. She is also known for her versatile work across genre boundaries. Laura Hynninen is the artistic director of Sysmä Suvisoiton.


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  • Hynninen, Laura (b.1976)

Kohtauksia naisen ja koiran elämästä
2Verhon takana2:49FIABA2400002
4Tuulinen päivä2:03FIABA2400004
5Lala ja mama1:27FIABA2400005
8Unen läpi5:11FIABA2400008
10Rakkaani on2:44FIABA2400010
12Rikkakasvit 2022 nais- ja eläinkuorolle2:43FIABA2400012

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