ABCD 504 – Nordic songs

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“I have always been drawn to impressionistic art and music. The delicately nuanced colour palette and the endlessly interesting harmonic possibilities never cease to nurture my fascination. As a child I loved going through my parents ́ record collection, comprising all kinds of music. Hearing Debussy ́s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune for the first time was a something of a magical experience – the kind of experience only art can provide: that feeling of being completely absorbed by something you don’t really understand. For a long time I did not dare to sing any music by Debussy, in fear of ruining that magic I had experienced at my first encounter.

This album includes a repertoire of Nordic composers influenced by French impressionism and Debussy’s music in particular. In Finland, both Toivo Kuula and Leevi Madetoja are known for taking influence from impressionism. After spending extensive time at the National Library in Oslo I decided to add songs by Alf Hurumin and with the helpful advice from the principal of the Norwegian State Academy of Music, Astrid Kvalbein, Pauline HallJuho Alakärppä brought in Gösta Nystrom`s Sånger vid havet. This work was originally written for Finnish soprano Aulikki Rautava.

My collaboration with Juho started after we both graduated from the Sibelius-Academy in Helsinki around 2010. In a truly collaborative manner, we often end up in passionate discussions about how to approach and interpret the music, songs and lyrics. The musical outcome is usually different from what we both had previously imagined, which illustrates the beauty of the process of making music!”

 Melis Jaatinen



Mezzo Melis Jaatisen profiililevyllä Skandinavia kohtaa Pariisin

Norjassa ja Suomessa opiskellut, Oslossa asuva mezzosopraano Melis Jaatinen on vakiinnuttanut paikkansa etenkin pohjoismaiden oopperalavoilla, mutta omaa levyä on jouduttu odottamaan – tähän asti. Alban julkaisema uutuus “Impressions du nord” esittelee paitsi pätevän laulajan myös kiinnostavan ohjelmistonurkkauksen: Skandinaavisen kansallisromantiikan ranskalaiset vaikutteet ovat tuottaneet intensiivistä, tumman sävykästä musiikkia, joka sopii Jaatisen äänelle.

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