ABCD 469 – Flute Oeuvre I

Duration: 72:35

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In 1977, a capsule containing samples of the world’s musical heritage was rocketed into space. It was probably no coincidence that more music by the German Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach than by any other composer had been recorded on the golden double disc accompanying NASA’s Voyager space probe. 

Chamber works of the Baroque era might be played on instruments that varied from one performance to another, and material was commonly recycled. Bach’s flute sonatas were originally performed on a wooden traverso flute together with a harpsichord and viol or some other bass instrument. 

The instruments on this disc are a 24-carat gold flute and the Naantali Church organ built in the 17th-century Dutch Baroque style. The advantages of a modern flute are adapted to suit early music and its aesthetics. The organ’s tuning differs slightly from equal temperament, and the rich registration affords new characteristic perspectives on the familiar repertoire. 

Sonata for flute and basso continuo in E minor BWV 1034 [14:45]
1 Adagio ma non tanto [3:12]
2 Allegro [2:52]
3 Andante [3:12]
4 Allegro [5:22] 

Sonata for flute and basso continuo in E major BWV 1035 [12:52]
5 Adagio ma non tanto [2:30]
6 Allegro [3:28]
7 Siciliano [3:32]
8 Allegro assai [3:16] 

Solo pour la flûte traversière (Partita for solo flute in A minor) BWV 1013 [19:42]
9 Allemande [6:21]
10 Corrente [4:05]
11 Sarabande [5:49]
12 Bourrée Anglaise [3:16] 

Sonata for flute and obbligato keyboard in G minor BWV 1020 [13:14] Authenticity disputed
13 Allegro [4:21]
14 Adagio [3:00]
15 Allegro [5:43] 

Sonata for flute and obbligato keyboard in E flat major BWV 1031 [11:17] Authenticity disputed
16 Allegro moderato [3:44]
17 Siciliana [2:01]
18 Allegro [5:24]


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